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Start accepting orders

When there is a new order come in, the tablet will ringing and a window will pop up with the order details.

There are two types of order.

  1. ASAP (As soon as possible)
  2. Pre-order

ASAP Orders

This mean the customer want the food as soon as possible. After you accepted the order, another window will pop up for you to set the preparation time for the order (in minutes).

For example if you would like the customer to come and collect the food in 40 minutes, then insert 40.

For delivery orders, if you set the preparation time to 40 minutes. This mean the food must be delivered to the customer within 40 minutes. So please make sure you set the right time for each order.


The customer choose the time when they want the food. The date and time will show on the order ticket.

If the customer place a pre-order when you are not online, the order will be put in Pending tab.

Always check in the “Pending” tab for any pending orders that need to be deal with.

Order Status

Keep the customer update by update the order status promptly. The app will automatically notify the customer when status changes.

Updated on January 28, 2021

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