• Refund a customer

    Call our support team on 0333 202 1137 every day 12pm – 5pm or complete the form below.

  • VAT Receipt

    If you require a VAT receipt for your order, please complete the form below.

  • Customer request a refund

    Rejected & Cancelled orders If your order has been rejected or cancelled by the restaurant. You will be refunded automatically at the end of the day. You will receive a confirmation email regarding the refund within 24 hours. If you did not get the email within 24 hours, please contact…

  • Free Professional Photography Service

    We offer a free professional photography service that will help your restaurant stand out from the rest. See below for some of our photoshoots.

  • Add/Manage your menu

    You can add or edit your menu in your Restaurant Hub. Create Menu Category Before you can create a menu item. You will first need to create a menu category. Log in to your Restaurant Hub On the   Menu, click on Menu Management > Menu Category Click Add Category on…

  • Start accepting orders

    When there is a new order come in, the tablet will ringing and a window will pop up with the order details. There are two types of order. ASAP (As soon as possible) Pre-order ASAP Orders This mean the customer want the food as soon as possible. After you accepted…

  • Change your opening hours

    Restaurant Hub You can change or update your opening hours in the Restaurants Hub. Log in to your Restaurant Hub. On the  Menu, click on  Settings. On the Business Info tab, under “Business Hours”. You can change or update your opening hours here. Tick on the date to mark as day off.

  • Setting up your tablet and printer

    Unbox the Welcome Box You will receive a welcome box by post which includes: Tablet Bluetooth Printer Tablet Stand Charging Cable (For both tablet and printer) 58mm Printing Paper Rolls Getting ready Turn on your tablet and printer and connect to their respective chargers. Make sure there is a paper…

  • Where to find my PIN number?

    What is the PIN number? To start taking orders, you will need to log in to our restaurant application and the PIN number is used to log in to the restaurant application. Where to find your PIN number? Restaurant Hub You can also find the PIN number in the Restaurant…

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